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Welcome to Kharibatmi (खरी बातमी), your go-to source for up-to-the-minute and accurate news coverage from Maharashtra, Goa, and around the world.

As an esteemed news website, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and unbiased information on the latest events, developments, and stories that shape our global community.

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At Kharibatmi, our mission is to empower individuals with knowledge by providing them with timely, credible, and comprehensive news.

We understand the importance of a well-informed society, and we strive to keep our readers informed about both the headlines and the underlying context of the news.

Uncompromising Journalism

We take pride in our commitment to ethical journalism. Our team of experienced reporters, editors, and fact-checkers work diligently to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of every piece of news we publish.

We adhere to strict journalistic standards and always strive to present multiple perspectives, promoting a balanced understanding of complex issues.

Comprehensive Coverage

Breaking News Now covers a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, world affairs, technology, business, job update, science, and much more.

Whether it’s international relations, advancements in artificial intelligence, breakthrough scientific discoveries, or gripping cultural stories, you can count on us to deliver comprehensive coverage.

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We value our readers and believe in fostering a strong sense of community. We encourage active engagement through comments, discussions, and sharing our content on various social media platforms.

Your opinions and insights matter to us, and we are always open to constructive feedback.

Privacy and Integrity

We prioritize the privacy and security of our readers. Our privacy policy ensures that your personal information is safeguarded and never misused.

We pledge to maintain the integrity of our news coverage, free from any external influence.

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